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An overview to the different kinds of services we provide



Maintenance Services

We provide alot of services in maintenance field like: Machining & Metal Working - Heat Exchanger - Piping Fabrication - Sheet Metal Working - Valves Test and Maintenance.

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Chemical Laboratories

To help you follow the production units and product analysis and ensure compliance with international standards and using the latest hardware, chemical plants Includes many research departments

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Training Courses

Alexandria Petroleum Company is keen to achieve its production plan and goals through two main elements: Understanding team work and Executing different training courses

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APC's Library

Believing in the role of cultural development and scientific at achieving human development success, and motivate the company's employees to acquire books that might have a positive impact reflected raised on the support and development of human resources of the company and to increase and improve production, was the creation of " Alexandrina Petroleum Company's Library".

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Medical Services

In an extension of the treatment services for Employees and their families. Alexandria Petroleum Company Made contracts a Number of the Best Doctors, Surgents, medical institutions (Hospitals & Pharmacies ) and Funds all or part of the treatment costs of the Employees and their families according to a specific system.

  The Medical Brochure

From the starting point of the investment principle for increasing the resources of the company.

APC had carried the construction of four (4) another -service depositories for exportation with a capacity of 3000 tons for the depot ( 3000 tons / depositories )


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