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Believing in the role of cultural development and scientific at achieving human development success, and motivate the company's employees to acquire books that might have a positive impact reflected raised on the support and development of human resources of the company and to increase and improve production, was the creation of " Alexandrina Petroleum Company's Library".

Library Goals

  •   Spreading and deepening the culture among the different categories of the company workers.
  •   Reliance on open shelves for easy access to the holdings of the Library.
  •   Objective Classification is prevalent in the library.
  •   Keening on disposal of stagnant and damaged cultural materials and replaced with modern versions on an ongoing basis.
  •   Participating in the ongoing events and interacting with them.

Library in numbers

  •   Start Year: 1973
  •   Place: in Financial Management Building, Ground Floor.
  •   Area: 120 square meters, consists of 2 halls for viewing, and 35 columns containing more than 13,000 books.

Beside The "public library", The library Management includes 9 sub specialized libraries distributed in most of the general managements of the company such as ( The Technology & Development -Lab- Information Technology - National Security - Financial Department - Engineering Inspection - Engineering Affairs - Legal Affairs - Training.)

Services provided

  Counseling & Guidance
The work team helps the library staff to search for topics of interest to each worker.
  Bibliographic Search
By displaying the available sources in the library for a topic or one of the authors.
  Ongoing Briefing
Display lists of the recently aquired acquisitions to the library through leaflets and brochures.
  Collections Development
Updated and developing the library collections depending on the written and approved policy that meets the needs of the individual employees of the company and are consistent with the goals of the library.
  Outer Lending
Worker can borrow any of the library's collections of books or periodicals according to the rules of the library.
  Cultural Activities
The role of the library is not limited to the provision of books or information sources only, but also extends to include the concerns of the different cultural activities which are designed to meet the needs of the workers and develop their abilities, such as:
  •   The religious Cultural competition for Ramadan, where there is a public withdrawal for the names of the winners to deliver the awards in a special ceremony held in the training sector.
  •   Issuing monthly cultural newsletter, which includes a number of topics in various cultural, scientific and religious fields.
  •   Chooseing the ideal reader of regularly visitor workers to the library throughout the year, and honoring them throughout a special ceremony to distribute religious cultural competition awards .
  •   The establishment of the company's annual book exhibition in collaboration with major publishing houses.
  •   Visit International Book Fair in Cairo to provide the library with the latest cultural materials in various fields.

What We Offer The library offers different things to its members such as:

  •   3 Al Max - Alexandria - Egypt
  •   +203 440 2832
         +203 440 2833
         +203 443 0123
  •   +203 443 0124